19 April 2013

Qlikview: Highlighting selected dimensions

If there are too many data points (or lines, or bars, etc) displayed in a chart, the user might want to highlight the ones which (s)he is interested in while still keeping the others in a lose color to be able to make comparison.

This can be done as follows:

  1. Let user make selections in dimensions
  2. Get selected values of each dimension into a separate variable when a button (e.g HIGHLIGHT) is clicked
  3. If a dimension value of a chart do not exists in the values kept in the variable, then color it as light gray. This can be done by background color setting.

Here is a link to the example qlikview application: Highlight.qvw

Please, open the highlight.qvw, make a couple of selections in list boxes and click on Highlight Selected button and observe the highlighting.

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