29 June 2012

Qlikview: Security 2: Data Reduction 2

If we need to limit data according to one's position in employee hierarchy, let's say if everybody can only see the data of the people who are reporting to himself/herself, then we can use the hierarchical table created by HierarchyBelongsTo, to limit the data access:

1) If it does not exist, create the adjacent nodes table by HierarchyBelongsTo statement. This table will have a AncestorName (can be named differently) field which keeps the ancestors of each employee.

2) Include AncestorName field in Section Access table, and enter the person's name who will only be able to access the data of the people who are reporting to himself/herself:

------ ------ -------- ------- ----- ------ --------- ------------

For demonstration purposes, I have also created expanded nodes table by Hierarchy statement, this table lets me to display the employee hierarchy in a treeview listbox. Please download the following application and login as  ADMIN (password is also ADMIN) or DAVIDP (password is also DAVIDP) and see how data is reduced. When you login as ADMIN you can see all the data and also the script.


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