30 June 2012

Qlikview: Security 3: Data Reduction 3


We have a sales team in which every salesman is assigned to a market (e.g. USA, France, etc...) and mainly make sales in their market but are also allowed to make sales out of market. For example a USA salesman mostly makes sales in USA but sometimes makes sales in European countries too.

In such a case, the USA manager should be able to see all the operations of his team, including their out of market sales in addition to USA sales.


In this case, we can create a intermediate table which keeps salesmen's main market, and we can do the data reduction over this table's market field. By this way, we will be able to do the data reduction of main sales table by Salesman field rather than Market field.

When we filter/reduce the data in the intermediate table (the one on the left) by market, it will filter/reduce the data in the main sales table by salesman:

Here is the link for implemented solution:

Please log in with the following userid, password pairs and observe how data is filtered/reduced. When you login as ADM, you can see all data and also the script.

userid     password
---------  -----------
ADM        ADM
USmanager  USmanager
FRmanager  FRmanager

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